Pure Green Coffee Extract Review – Canada’s Best Brand?

by Green Coffee Canada on April 18, 2016

It can be incredibly hard to lose weight. A lot of people look for supplements in order to make the process easier. One of the most powerful supplements available is Pure Green Coffee Extract. This handy little weight loss helper contains an extremely potent form of chlorogenic acid, which is one of the best natural forms of weight loss. Chlorogenic acid is found primarily in green coffee beans and contains a number of bioflavonoids. It helps in decreasing the number of carbohydrates you ingest, leading to overall less weight gained from food.

How Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Works

Green Coffee Extract Weight Loss

This product contains pure green coffee extract, which — when roasted at 475 degrees — has a special property. This property is chlorogenic acid, which is potent as a weight loss formula. In fact, it is so effective, that in a study done in San Diego, 16 overweight individuals took the supplement. It was found that they lost on average 8 kilos per 22 weeks. This led to a reduction of body weight by more than 10% overall. Green coffee bean extract works by boosting metabolism by more than 11%. The key ingredient, chlorogenic acid, helps in absorbing carbohydrates from the digestive tract, thereby lowering insulin spikes and blood sugar on the whole. This means that taking Green Coffee Bean Extract is much like eating a very low carb diet. Thus, in using this product, you are basically reducing the amount of carbs you ingest overall.

Another recent study done on Pure Green Coffee Extract found that the product reduces fat absorbed within your diet — and in the liver as well. This improves the capacity of adiponectin, a fat burning hormone, to quickly clear away stores of fat cells. The effect is reduced blood sugar, improved cholesterol, and lowered triglyceride levels.

User Reviews

Some users began taking this product recently, and one found that he lost a whole whopping 90 pounds just from taking Pure Green Coffee Bean extract. It changed his whole life and he highly recommends it.

Another user pointed out that after doing the research on the product, she was a little wary — since reviews tend to be all over the place. But she didn’t have much to lose by trying it, so she got a bottle and was shocked at how she dropped 10 pounds in just 4 weeks. She hasn’t noticed any appetite suppression effects. But she does notice her clothes feel a lot looser and better. She used a combination of exercise and calorie watching, and experienced massive weight loss as a result — with more than 30 pounds dropped in total.

Another user, who was overweight when she started taking it was at 192 pounds. Now she is at 135 pounds and is extremely happy. She highly recommends the product and though she did not exercise, she did go on a calorie counting diet. Then she found that drinking a lot of water helped a lot, since she suffered from high blood sugar and high blood pressure at the same time.

Other Health Benefits

Other recent studies done on green coffee bean extract have found that doses of 130-500mg per day have been effective at lowering blood pressure in humans and rats who have high blood pressure. It is also found that green coffee has a positive effect on blood vessels, which in turn helps out with heart health a great deal.

Green coffee bean extract might ultimately help your glucose metabolism as well, leading to a reduction in blood pressure. For those who may be at risk of heart disease, or diabetes, this product can help out a lot. Since it is completely natural, consisting entirely of green coffee beans, there is no reason to skip trying it. The company offers a generous refund policy, so if you aren’t totally happy with your purchase, you can always ask for a quick return on your order.


Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract can prove to be an immensely helpful supplement. If you’re serious about losing weight, you might need an extra metabolism boost — especially if you’ve struggled in the past to lose weight and keep it off. The product helps with energy levels, lowering blood pressure — and of course, reducing the amount of carbohydrates you absorb, which in turn leads to less overall fat accumulation. This combination, along with the fact that it is totally natural, makes Pure Green Coffee one of the most effective supplements for weight loss.


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