Pure Green Coffee Extract Review – Canada’s Best Brand?

by Green Coffee Canada on April 18, 2016

It can be incredibly hard to lose weight. A lot of people look for supplements in order to make the process easier. One of the most powerful supplements available is Pure Green Coffee Extract. This handy little weight loss helper contains an extremely potent form of chlorogenic acid, which is one of the best natural forms of weight loss. Chlorogenic acid is found primarily in green coffee beans and contains a number of bioflavonoids. It helps in decreasing the number of carbohydrates you ingest, leading to overall less weight gained from food.

How Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Works

Green Coffee Extract Weight Loss

This product contains pure green coffee extract, which — when roasted at 475 degrees — has a special property. This property is chlorogenic acid, which is potent as a weight loss formula. In fact, it is so effective, that in a study done in San Diego, 16 overweight individuals took the supplement. It was found that they lost on average 8 kilos per 22 weeks. This led to a reduction of body weight by more than 10% overall. Green coffee bean extract works by boosting metabolism by more than 11%. The key ingredient, chlorogenic acid, helps in absorbing carbohydrates from the digestive tract, thereby lowering insulin spikes and blood sugar on the whole. This means that taking Green Coffee Bean Extract is much like eating a very low carb diet. Thus, in using this product, you are basically reducing the amount of carbs you ingest overall.

Another recent study done on Pure Green Coffee Extract found that the product reduces fat absorbed within your diet — and in the liver as well. This improves the capacity of adiponectin, a fat burning hormone, to quickly clear away stores of fat cells. The effect is reduced blood sugar, improved cholesterol, and lowered triglyceride levels.

User Reviews

Some users began taking this product recently, and one found that he lost a whole whopping 90 pounds just from taking Pure Green Coffee Bean extract. It changed his whole life and he highly recommends it.

Another user pointed out that after doing the research on the product, she was a little wary — since reviews tend to be all over the place. But she didn’t have much to lose by trying it, so she got a bottle and was shocked at how she dropped 10 pounds in just 4 weeks. She hasn’t noticed any appetite suppression effects. But she does notice her clothes feel a lot looser and better. She used a combination of exercise and calorie watching, and experienced massive weight loss as a result — with more than 30 pounds dropped in total.

Another user, who was overweight when she started taking it was at 192 pounds. Now she is at 135 pounds and is extremely happy. She highly recommends the product and though she did not exercise, she did go on a calorie counting diet. Then she found that drinking a lot of water helped a lot, since she suffered from high blood sugar and high blood pressure at the same time.

Other Health Benefits

Other recent studies done on green coffee bean extract have found that doses of 130-500mg per day have been effective at lowering blood pressure in humans and rats who have high blood pressure. It is also found that green coffee has a positive effect on blood vessels, which in turn helps out with heart health a great deal.

Green coffee bean extract might ultimately help your glucose metabolism as well, leading to a reduction in blood pressure. For those who may be at risk of heart disease, or diabetes, this product can help out a lot. Since it is completely natural, consisting entirely of green coffee beans, there is no reason to skip trying it. The company offers a generous refund policy, so if you aren’t totally happy with your purchase, you can always ask for a quick return on your order.


Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract can prove to be an immensely helpful supplement. If you’re serious about losing weight, you might need an extra metabolism boost — especially if you’ve struggled in the past to lose weight and keep it off. The product helps with energy levels, lowering blood pressure — and of course, reducing the amount of carbohydrates you absorb, which in turn leads to less overall fat accumulation. This combination, along with the fact that it is totally natural, makes Pure Green Coffee one of the most effective supplements for weight loss.



How to Lose Weight with Green Coffee Bean Extract

by Green Coffee Canada on November 19, 2015

If you pay attention to the weight loss industry, you know the latest craze is going about green coffee bean extract. Not only can it help give you increased energy, but weight loss seems to be a popular trend with use. That’s because these potent little beans contain cholorgenic acid which is the crucial component to losing weight.

Dr. Oz promoted these little beans a few years ago and now Green Coffee Bean Extract seems to be taking the weight loss industry by surprise. While you can’t believe everything said on television or in magazines, there are many online reviews that claim this product delivers exactly what it promises. That’s why it’s become so popular these days.

Green coffee bean extract comes from unroasted beans from a coffee plant. They are dried, roasted, ground and then brewed to create coffee products. Green coffee beans are made into a powerful weight loss formula that has helped millions of people lose embarrassing and unwanted weight in trouble areas.

Who Should Take Green Coffee Bean Extractbefore-and-after

There are several products designed to help you lose weight and if you are wondering if this is the one for you, consider reading the label first. You want to make sure ingredients are all-natural and that there are no added ingredients which can deter the effectiveness of it. You want to make sure the product you use has at least 45.9% of the cholorgenic acid to ensure its potency.

If you are struggling to lose weight, this product may be just what you need to get your weight loss efforts jumpstarted. If you have sensitivity to caffeine you may want to talk to your doctor before you use it. The typical dosage of this product is 400mg a day depending on the brand you use.

You’ll want to take the supplement before eating each meal to ensure it activates the body to prevent absorption of unnecessary carbs and fats. This is how weight loss takes place, and also by eating smaller portions. Some people enjoy the fact that they can still eat what they love as long as portions are smaller. This eliminates the need to starve yourself.

There are several studies done that show this product is more effective than some of the other weight loss products found online and in health food stores. Studies were done on a group of people where half were given a placebo and half were given the green coffee bean extract. People taking the placebo lost little to no weight and those taking the product lost anywhere from 2-4 pounds a week. Both groups incorporated slight exercise into their routine.

The bottom line is this product has taken many people from feeling unattractive to baring it all while in their bathingsuits with pride and increased confidence. You too can enjoy the confidence boost as people turn their heads to look at you and your new body! See what green coffee bean extract can do for your weight loss goals and reveal a sexier you once again!


Doctor Oz Features Green Coffee Bean Extract on His Show

by Green Coffee Canada on November 7, 2013

Dr. Oz is well known for his fight against obesity in the United States. He advocates for all Americans to be healthy and within their healthy weight range. His desire is for everyone to eat healthy and exercise each day. As a cardiologist, his goal is for people to reduce their risk of heart attack of stroke, both risk factors linked to obesity. In general, he does not believe in rapid weight loss associated with the use of supplements. There is finally an exception to his rule: Green coffee bean extract.

In a study performed by the University of Scranton, participants ate 2400 calories a day, and exercised very little. They took the recommended dose of green coffee bean extract for six weeks, a lower dose for another six weeks followed by a placebo for the last six weeks. They lost approximately 10 percent of their body weight and an astounding 16 percent of body fat. It is this study that amazed Dr. Oz, making him a believer in green coffee bean extract supplements.

When discussing this apparent miracle weight loss supplement on his show, he clearly stated that he normally doesn’t recommend weight loss supplements. He stands behind eating healthy and exercise, promoting a healthy lifestyle to lose weight. He cannot deny, however, the results of the study, endorsing the supplement and listing it as one of his top five fastest fat burning supplements. This is quite a compliment coming from Dr. Oz.

The question you must ask yourself is “How pure is the green coffee bean extract supplement I am buying?” It must be 100 percent pure to receive all the benefits the participants of the study experienced. You should understand the process to understand what “pure” truly is.

The green coffee beans are taken straight from the earth, they are not produced. Only organically produced beans are used to produce the supplement. These beans are what goes into the supplements, meaning they are free from dangerous chemicals and fillers…this ensures you do not experience any side effects. Dr. Oz himself warns not to purchase any green coffee bean supplement unless it is 100 percent pure; this can interfere with its efficacy while causing your body harm.

Beware of companies who try to pass themselves off as legitimate. One sure sign of a company who truly cares about your health and well being are those who offer you a money back guarantee. There are some people who may not like the green coffee bean extract, and legitimate companies understand and respect this. Although you may pay more for the product it is worth the money.

Here is a final thought for you to consider. If Dr. Oz–THE Dr. Oz–is an advocate of green coffee bean extract, you know it is the real thing. Unlike other supplements that have no studies to prove efficacy or safety, the green coffee bean extract supplement does. It makes no promises it cannot keep. You will lose weight. You will have more energy: You just have to try it. What are you waiting for?


Chlorogenic Acid: A Powerful Antioxidant

by Green Coffee Canada on November 1, 2013

While pure green coffee bean extract supplements have been recently been receiving rave reviews from Doctor Oz, and other well-known medical professionals, it has been known for a long time to have held all the beneficial properties of a great antioxidant. Why should this matter? Damaging free radicals that go after various cells in the body have found a great enemy in antioxidants. Antioxidants help fight these free radicals from harming the human body. Additionally, many diseases including cancers have been found by scientists to be prevented through regular consumption of antioxidants. Different natural foods like herbs, fruits, vegetables, and now pure green coffee bean have been found to be antioxidants.

If you have been reading about green coffee bean extract, you know that chlorogenic acid is the powerful compound that makes green coffee extract supplements so beneficial to the human body. Coffee beans that are picked straight from the tree are green. When they get roasted, they lose the chlorogenic acid, and thus all the health benefits.

Chlorogenic acid helps you lose weight, which is why green coffee bean extract in Canada is being discussed among the top diet supplements. One often-missed benefit is the fact that green coffee beans have the power of an antioxidant, thanks to chlorogenic acid! These antioxidant properties help refresh the skin, cells often associated with aging, as well as goes after the free radicals that are often the source of cancer in the body.

Taking a daily green coffee bean extract supplement as a part of your regular breakfast and lunch will help you receive the suggested 1,000 milligrams of pure extract. The top green coffee bean extracts come in capsule form since consuming regular green coffee beans would be extremely bitter in taste. It is absolutely key that whichever green coffee bean extract you choose to take is 100% pure, however. If a person takes an extract supplement that is not pure, it will contain binders and fillers that will not only hurt how effective it is, but also may have ingredients that cause negative side effects.

While we can’t promise anyone that green coffee bean extract will cure cancer, prevent cancers, or diseases, the facts are facts – Antioxidants help the body prevent terrible diseases. By consuming antioxidants as a part of your daily diet, you will be helping your body to build the defenses necessary to live a long, healthy, and fulfilling life.

What do you have to lose? By trying the #1 recommended green coffee bean extract on the market today, Green Coffee Pure, you will not only help yourself lose weight but will give your body the antioxidants it needs!


Are There Negative Side Effects?

by Green Coffee Canada on May 5, 2013

Green coffee bean extract is a substance that is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols amongst other substances. The extract is popular among people who are health-conscious because of its many benefits for weight loss, lower cholesterol, and much more. There are various forms of the green coffee bean extract which are available in the market. Simply put, the most beneficial and efficient form is the pure green coffee bean extract with no fillers. This is the extract that is not diluted with any additional substance or artificial fillers thus leaving it as a hundred percent pure green coffee bean extract.

One of the reasons that have made the pure green coffee bean extract with no fillers has become very popular is the fact that there are no known negative side effects. Instead, the extract provides just beneficial contributions to the user’s body. This can mainly be attributed to the fact that the extract is derived from the natural coffee bean with no artificial additives, thus leaving it with just the natural ingredients. Consequently, the user’s risk of suffering from negative effects are only at risk when they take cheap supplements that have additional chemicals.

The pure green coffee bean extract with no fillers is ideal to be used by people who are aiming to lose weight through consuming less food because it makes the user fell full faster. This means that using the extract makes the person consume significantly lesser food since they feel satisfied after consuming just a small amount. The food is usually just the right amount that the body requires to operate effectively without having to store any excess not utilized by the body. Consequently the user reduces the chances of gaining extra weight by reducing their food consumption levels.

Besides making the users feel full faster, the pure green coffee bean extract with no fillers also increases the metabolic rates which raise the rates in which fats in the body are burnt. Consequently, the user can consume foods with fat content without worrying about gaining extra weight because the fat is burnt within a short time. The extract is also ideal for people hoping to lose the extra weight without necessarily having to exercise because it burns the fat which is already accumulated in the body by utilization of the improved metabolism. This makes it popular among people who would like to lose weight but cannot be able to exercise because of time constraint or because of health conditions.

A pure green coffee bean extract with no fillers is also beneficial because it improves blood vessel action, which consequently improves the blood circulation in the body. This is especially vital to people who participate in vigorous activities such as heavy cardio exercise. Thus, the extract is also ideal to be used by people wishing to lose weight through exercising because the blood is able to flow effectively without any obstacles. This effect is mainly attributed to the fact the extract acts on nitric oxide derived from the vascular endothelium.

The 100% pure green coffee bean extract Healthier Green Coffee is a phenomenal supplement that endows the body with numerous advantages and has NO side effects! Give it a try today, as it has a 60-day Money-Back Guarantee!


What is the Science Behind Green Coffee Bean Extract in Canada?

by Green Coffee Canada on April 2, 2013

One of the newest natural ways to lose weight that is sweeping across Canada is the extract of green coffee beans. Although it has been around for a while, the all-natural green coffee beans got its greatest boost when it appeared on the Dr. Oz show, where it was viewed by millions of prime-time viewers across America. Few people know what the real reasons are behind the incredible properties that the natural green coffee bean has to offer and what really separates it apart from its cousin, the roasted coffee bean. In this article, we will try taking a more in-depth look at the chemical makeup and organic properties that give the green coffee bean its reputation as an efficient way to lose weight.
Let’s begin with the basics of what differentiates a typical cup of caffeinated coffee made with roasted coffee beans as compared to a similar cup of coffee made with non-roasted green coffee beans. A typical cup of coffee, made from roasted coffee beans, contains 100 mg of caffeine per serving; however, a typical cup of green coffee beans contains only 20 mg of caffeine per serving. The green coffee beans do not make you nervous or jittery like a coffee made from a roasted beans or other comparable products. The reason that green coffee beans aid in weight loss is because of the active ingredient chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid increases the metabolic process in the liver by inhibiting the release of glucose throughout the body.

You cannot the same effect by drinking a normal couple coffee, because once the coffee beans are roasted the chlorogenic acid is removed from the bean. The chlorogenic acid must be extracted before the roasting process while the bean is still in its raw state.

Green Coffee: Help for Diabetes?

Studies have also shown that the green coffee bean extract also contains major antioxidant ingredients that help decrease the release of the G6P enzyme. This enzyme has been shown to have a stabilizing effect on blood sugar levels; therefore, it is also being studied for beneficial uses in diabetics or as a diabetic supplement. It may prove to have a dual benefit for diabetics for both its ability to reduce weight, and its ability to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Green Coffee Bean Extract, Chlorogenic Acid and Cholesterol

Another study conducted in Japan showed that chlorogenic acid also had a potential effect on people with mild hypertension. The results showed that participants that took the coffee bean extract showed a decrease in blood pressure and had no reported negative side effects. Another research study on rats found that chlorogenic acid also showed a significant reduction in cholesterol levels; and at the same time, the rats also showed improved tolerance of glucose. Most doctors and scientists agree that further research is needed in order to confirm these results. But so far, the preliminary findings of these studies have shown very few or even no negative side effects from taking normal amounts of chlorogenic acid.
Most doctors that if given study to chlorogenic acid believe that the natural compound inhibits the release of glucose into the human bloodstream after a person consumes food or beverages. As a person consumes food or beverages the liver releases insulin, and the insulin then stores the excess glucose as fat. The chlorogenic acid, therefore, slows down the absorption of glucose into the human bloodstream. Therefore, chlorogenic acid reduces fat absorption and allows the liver to metabolize the fat faster which results in weight loss.

Normally, the human body utilizes glucose as energy; therefore, if a person reduces the amount of glucose entering the bloodstream, then the body will be forced to burn its stored fat cells as energy. This is known as thermogenesis. This eventually contributes to the loss of weight throughout the body by the burning of its the fat cells.

Another benefit of the green coffee bean extract is its high level of antioxidants that helps the body fight off harmful toxins and free radicals. The fighting of free radicals is also linked to slowing down the process of aging. Chlorogenic acid has also been shown to reduce high blood pressure and alleviate hypertension. There are also several studies that show chlorogenic acid may also help in the prevention of type II diabetes, which is also associated with obesity and high blood pressure.

In one well-known study, 16 people over a 22 week period were given a green coffee extract pill. After the 22 week period the 16 participants were lost an average of 17 pounds. And there were no side effects reported throughout the study. There are plenty more research and clinical studies that are being planned in the near future to further substantiate the preliminary findings that have been found so far.

Proper Daily Dosage

It has been recommended to take one green coffee extract pill three times a day. As with any medication, it is not recommended to take this medication in excess. The active ingredient chlorogenic acid seems to work very well on blood vessels, helping reduce adverse effects of heart disease and high blood pressure. As with any dietary supplement, it is still recommended to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. The best times for taking this medication is about 30 minutes before meals which includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you are taking other prescription medications, it is best to seek a doctor’s advice before beginning this dietary regimen. The person should also follow the suggested daily dose, and take the medication on a routine basis. As stated previously, there have been no adverse side effects or significant risk to health benefits reported so far.

Please be sure to only buy pure brands when choosing a brand of green coffee extract. Healthier Green Coffee all-natural green coffee bean extract is being promoted by some of the top nutritional doctors across Canada. It is a perfect way to promote natural weight loss without any side effects, and can be used by people of all ages without the negative side effects of too much caffeine. It also contains the added benefits of antioxidants that have been shown to slow down the aging effects felt by us all.

What are you waiting for? Give it a try today, with their 100% Money-Back Guarantee!
Green Coffee Bean Extract in Canada

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Green Coffee Bean Extract: Science or Hype?

by Green Coffee Canada on March 14, 2013

We’re bombarded daily with advertisements for one magic diet pill after another. Frankly, I’m surprised the world isn’t sick of it! Weight loss is a touchy subject. It’s one that frustrates men and women alike. In fact, regardless of how old adults are, it seems that everyone is concerned about losing weight or staying in shape! Being health-conscious is a great habit to form, however, life sometimes gets in the way. When this happens, we get distracted, then start looking for a “magic fix” to get us back on track. For ages, people have been looking for the magic cure-all for weight loss, but it simply doesn’t exist… Does it?

If you’re like most people, you drink a cup of coffee or tea first thing in the morning to help perk yourself up. What you’re holding in your hand – coffee – may be the special ingredient that the world has been waiting for. What do this mean, you ask?

Here’s how it works:

  • When coffee beans are picked, they are green since they have not yet been roasted.
  • When coffee beans are green, they contain a high amount of cholorgenic acid.
  • After they are roasted (at over 200 degrees Celsius) the chlorogenic acid dissipates
  • According to the latest research, cholorgenic acid has been found to help speed up weight loss!
  • So, now you see why it’s important to have GREEN coffee bean extract… When the beans are green, they contain the magic compound of cholorgenic acid. When they are roasted, the beans lose it.

    What does chlorogenic acid do?

    It slows down the release of glucose in the body, while boosting the body’s metabolism at the same time. When these two things happen together, they stop the body from absorbing fat while transforming fatty deposits into usable energy for the body. When this usable energy is burned off, it causes weight loss.

    How do you take advantage of chlorogenic acid?

    It’s really simple – take a dietary supplement that contains 100% PURE green coffee bean extract. The recommended dosage for green coffee bean extract is at least 800mg daily.

    Will a green coffee bean extract supplement help with weight loss?

    Let’s take a look at the most recent study released by the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania. Participants were monitored over a twenty-two-week period, and were fed a diet of 2,400 calories (higher than normal). Participants exercised off only 400 calories (also a very low number) but lost an astounding 22 pounds on average!

    With these astounding results, it’s no wonder that green coffee bean extract has been selling like crazy! The secret is officially OUT: Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract has been what the weight loss and fitness world has been waiting for.